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Sturdy Protection against the Elements: The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Date Posted: Oct. 5, 2015


Metal roofing is a popular choice for many homeowners nowadays. Though there are still those who want to go the traditional route of using shingles, there are several benefits to using metal as your roofing material. Here are some of them.


The main thing that metal roofing brings to the table is that they are a lot more durable than their competition. Homeowners using basic galvanized metal for roofing are practically assured of 40 years of use from them. Combine these with modern methods of coating and added protection, and people can expect the operating lifespan of metal roofs to run even longer. Furthermore, metal roofs are a lot tougher than normal shingles—homeowners can worry less about their roof being damaged by harsh natural forces with them installed.

Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of metal roofs is that they help with a home’s energy efficiency. Metal roofs are very reflective. This means the hot rays of the sun have less of an effect on them, so a home won’t heat up much because of the solar exposure. Additionally, during colder months, properly-installed metal roofs can help insulate a home and keep heat in. This lessens the strain placed on a home’s HVAC system, saving the homeowner on energy bills.


Finally, metal roofs are lightweight. Though still weighing in at 150 pounds per square foot (lb/ft²), this is significantly lower compared to tile (750 lb/ft²) or concrete (900 lb/ft²). This lower weight makes it easier to install and maintain metal roofs. Furthermore, it places less of a strain on the roof’s supporting structure.

Get the Results You Want Out of Your Roof

New Mexico homeowners can benefit greatly from metal roofing. Consider this option seriously and the use of a qualified roofing contractor, such as Chavez Roofing Corporation, when in need of a new roof for your home.


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