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Roofing and Daylighting: Better Interior Ambiance, Lower Energy Costs

Date Posted: Oct. 6, 2015


More people prefer living in homes that let the sunlight in. These houses make a lasting impression, since the inside spaces immediately feel warm, cheery, and inviting. Throwing the curtains open isn’t the only way of letting in natural light, for homeowners can now design their roofing in a way that makes their home feel warmer and cheerier through daylighting.

Daylighting and Its Benefits

As numerous studies suggest, having plenty of daylight helps people think and see better. On top of that, natural daylight is also attributed to several health benefits, including the prevention of seasonal affective disorder and other types of depression.

Done properly, daylighting imparts a home with ample lighting and comfort—especially useful during winter months when more time is spent indoors, it can help make your living spaces seem bigger. During the summer, good daylighting reduces harsh glares while creating a soft ambient light that most people find relaxing and invigorating. More importantly, daylighting reduces the need to turn on electric lights—the U.S. Green Building Council estimates that a household can cut between 50 and 80 percent of their light energy consumption with it.

How to Achieve Good Daylighting

Good daylighting depends on various factors, including the house’s orientation, design, shading, and location. It also depends on the daylight requirements of each room, as well as the home’s interior and reflective surfaces both inside and outside.

To achieve the perfect daylighting for a home, homeowners need to look for a qualified and competent roofing contractor, who specializes in daylighting, such as Chavez Roofing Corporation. Ask about skylights, to bring the benefits of daylighting into your home.


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Roofing and Daylighting: Better Interior Ambiance, Lower Energy Costs 


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