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Better Interior Illumination with Better Roofing: Let There Be Light

Date Posted: Oct. 7, 2015


The natural beauty of locations like New Mexico comes with the extra advantage of having clear weather almost all-year round. Living in such a location can entice you to turn off the lights for most of the day, but if your home doesn’t let much of the natural light seep in, don’t worry—you can do something about it. A preferred roofer such as Chavez Roofing Corporation can fix you up with quality skylight installation services for your home.

‘Skylight’ Pigeon Fly

Skylights are special roofing attachments designed to be installed on the roof itself. They are cut right into the roofing structure, giving light a direct line to the interior. Skylights must be properly installed and “flashed” at the roof, however, to make them water-tight and to prevent leaks. This process can only be performed correctly by a qualified, experienced roofing contractor. Another thing to keep in mind with skylight installation is that it has to penetrate the roof AND ceiling, so you’re going to need a type of ‘well’ or tube to seal the space between the roof rafters and ceiling joists—a job that can be done well only by competent, experienced contractors.


Since the skylight is exposed to as much sunlight as the roof, you will need a skylight that is insulated to ward off heating or cooling loss as well as UV radiation while admitting as much natural light as possible. You may also consider adding different options such as shades or blinds to diffuse the natural lighting and to achieve the daylighting effect you desire. At the same time, analyze your roof’s orientation, to determine which side has the natural light you desire, at certain times of the day.


Home improvement technology has improved to facilitate the development of skylights that have mechanical components built within them. Offered with small solar panels to power their operation, certain skylights, for example, can be remote-controlled to open during clear days and automatically shut during bad weather.


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